About La C.R.I.

La C.R.I. was founded by the new media choreographer Gwendaline Bachini in 2001. It has produced the first dance performances on stage which incorporate cinema and video and deal with subjects as Body and/or Time. One of these performances «LIULINKE» was filmed at the Villa Medicis in Rome and integrated in a documentary «Le Roi Rodin» made by Alain Fleischer. After an international diffusion (Canada, Switzerland…) the movie was shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 2003. The same year La C.R.I. was funded the French Culture Government and Archipel Nouvelle Vague take care about the administration aspect of the structure.

New media art productions have opened the range of topics of la C.R.I.’s interactive creations. The choreographies are made «from the gesture of the audience» and have become interactive. TACTIM, an interactive dance installation (live size touch screen; 2008) was the first step in this new direction. Made in Berlin with the partner Humatic GmbH, the prototype was shown in Manchester and the final work was diffused until 2016 in several dance festivals and new media art festivals.

New production work focuses are on human identity and animality, the mechanisms of species evolution and the living process . The ANIMO project is a new immersive dance media project focusing on these subjects. La C.R.I. in co-production with Eclectic Experience has teamed up with researchers on perception and laboratories as 4D View Solutions, INRIA (Grenoble) and SIP Conseil in order to realize it. The model have been introduced in several Digital Art Festival as SIANA (mai 2011;Evry), Futur en Seine at Le Cent Quatre (Paris; june 2011); The Digital Art Festival of Taipei (oct 2011; Taiwan). Animo#1- Cum (2013-2014) is an interactive dance triptych wich consists of three live size digital picture of  dancers that can be animated by visitors/audience touching one of the screens. It seems that both visitors and video dancer influence each other’s movement, which creates an intimate dialogue between them. This art work is still runing in dance and digital art festivals. With Animo#2-Flux (2015-2016) the visitors/audience are invited to interact with  holographic video  of live size dancers.


CONTACT : La C.R.I. / France / gb@lacri.eu/

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