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Artiste new media créer des oeuvres chorégraphiques interactives et s’intéresse à des sujets tels que l’Identité /l’Evolution des espèces. Elle réalise Tactim, sa première oeuvre interactive en 2007 à Berlin avec Humatic GmBH. Après une résidence en Chine organisée par Culture France pour le projet BEIJING, FIELD TO DANCE, le partenariat avec Humatic GmBH se poursuit en Italie avec une participation à MIND BOX installation chorégraphique en collaboration avec la Cie Zappala et l’ IRCAM puis avec une participation à la réalisation de 7 pièces interactives pour l’ouverture de SENSAPOLIS (Sindelfingen Allemagne ). Depuis 2011, l’Artiste poursuit cette voix en France et a engagé un partenariat avec 4D View Solutions, Sip conseil et les chercheurs de l’INRIA (Grenoble) pour le cycle danse média immersif : ANIMO. Ce cycle de créations se concentre sur «l’erreur» dans les méchanismes de l’évolution du vivant et intègre les technologies du projet R&D Creamove (FUI 2012-2015).

English Summary 

Gwendaline Bachini is a new media choreographer. She includes the gesture’s visitor/audience in  the choreography and create interactive dance art works. She deal with topic as human identity / Evolution theory.  Its first steps in the field of New Media Art were made in Berlin where she realizes Tactim (2008) with Humatic GmbH. Based on live size touch screen, the prototype was shown in Manchester and the final piece in several New media/Digital art exhibitions until 2010. Bachini participed also to several Humatic GmbH’s production as Mind Box made by C.Graupner and events as the opening of Sensapolis (Sindelfingen). Back to France (2011) she team up with researchers on vision and perception as 4D View Solution, Sip Conseil and the laboratory INRIA (grenoble) in order to realize her cycle of art works called ANIMO. This cycle mixe dance digital art and computer research. The topic focuse on « mistake » in the mechanisms of living process and the technology is developped in the frame of the R&D  project Creamove ( FUI 2012-2015). The model box have been shown in international digital art festival ( Siana, Futur en seine, DAF of Taipei…) and the interactive dance installation A#1-CUM (2013-2014) and A#2_FLUX (2015-2016) in several dance festivals, digital art, innovation and art-science exhibitions.

more info :

After Ballet and contemporary dance training at the TNDI Châteauvallon she joined the school of the Louvre in Paris where she specialised in Contemporary Art and developped a special interest in Fluxus and Artist who incorporate new technologie in their Art such as Gary Hill, Jeffrey Shaw (1994-1997)
Then she studied at the Fresnoy, national studio of contemporary art in Tourcoing. She learnt about cinema with Raoul Ruiz, Robert Kramer, Thierry de Mey. At the same time, the Fresnoy produced three of her live performances where movie and choreographie were combined. (1998-2000)
2001 she founded la C.R.I. and one of her work « Liulinke » was filmed by Alain Fleischer at the Villa Medicis (Rome) and integrated in a documentary « le Roi Rodin ». After an international diffusion (Canada, Swisseland..) the movie was shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (2003). The same year her dance performance got funded by the French Culture Government.
After several dance performances and video shown on Dance Festivals, she developped a partnership with HUMATIC in Berlin and started to work in the field of New Media Art. Her interactive project 2007 PASSAGE (or TACTIM prototype 1) was shown at the Festival MOVE in Manchester.
The same year her project, «BEIJING, field to dance» was selected by Culture France and the French Embassy in China for a residency at the Central University of Ethnic Minority. She taught technical of dance’s improvisation on stage and in the Beijing’s street at 40 chinese students.

2008, she continued the partnership with Humatic GmbH continue with several colaborations :  «Mind Box», dance installation from Chris Graupner (co prod Scenario publico Italy, Ircam France) and «Don’t Dance», video installation (Co prod Cynet Art 2009 in Dresden Germany). She was also involved in production like the opening of Sensapolis in Sindelfingen Germany where she assisted 7 interactive pieces and co realized « The Magic box » (interactive hologram). The same year Tactim, dance interactive installation (touch screen  live size  version1) was finished and shown in several Dance Festival and Museum untill 2010.

2010/ 2011 She teamed up with french researchers on perception and laboratories as 4D views Solution, Inria (Grenoble), Sip Conseil  in order to realise «ANIMO», immersive dance media. She introduced the Animo’s model at several internationals Art festivals as Siana (Evry mai 2011), Futur en Seine at le Cent Quatre (Paris, june 2011) and the Digital Art Festival of Taipei (Taiwan, oct 2011). 

2012 was the official start of CREAMOVE ( web site : ) which is the R&D project for the dance interactives installations ANIMO. CreaMove have been funded by the FUI (Fond Unique Industriel) and certified by the cluster Imaginove.

ANIMO (2012_2015) is a cycle of several dance interactive installation which all use the techno’s results of CreaMove. 

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