A#3- MOTU / Dance VR (2017-2018)

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A#3-MOTU belongs to the ANIMO cycle of art work and is a pilot of an artistic experience for connected Room-scale. It proposes a cinematographic, choreographic and music video game in virtual reality ( headsets HTC VIVE). Gamers are invited alone or in couple to find potentially eternals informations from the « thread of life ».

The whole cycle of art work ANIMO draws its inspiration from the world of living and more specifically from the theories of evolution. In A#3-MOTU, the third part, the artist focuse on Pierre Henry Gouillon and Michel Benasayag writings on a vision of the «thread of life», based on a immaterial living entities. The biologist and the philosopher develop the idea that «man does not evolves as he dies and that the real struggle for survival is not that of human beings because human beings do not survive. It is informational messages from which living being are only ephemeral hosts.

Players in the virtual environment of A#3 meet the numerical double of dancers which react to their touch. Over their action they constituted a choreography and a music. May they find a potentially eternal information of life in dance’s movement ?

When two real spaces are distant but connected to the VR experience, the immersed players are together on the same virtual stage. All together active with the holograms, they establishes a creative sign dialogue through the air. Here the movements of each viewer, change and guide them toward another connected place there. A connected  choreographic form emerges from this exchange.

Concept : Gwendaline Bachini ; Dancers : Amélie Torres Gilles Polet, Music : Michele Tadini, 3D design : Alban Barré, Unity dev : Rémi Quitard / Willy Barroy / Jano Ha;  Holographic Techno : CreaMove
Prod (prototype) : LA CRI –
Aide à la création : SCAN Auvergne Rhônes Alpes ; Hôtel départemental des ARTS (Toulon); IMSIC (ex I3M) Laboratory of research Partners : Crossed Lab ; Le Hublot (Nice)
Special thanks to : Télomédia – University of Toulon (FR)

Kinovis 4 15

Mickaël Heudre, Matthijs Douze, Gwendaline Bachini, Gilles Polet, Amlie Torres dans KINOVIS (INRIA-Grenoble)

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