A#3- immersive dance media (2016-2018)

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Production en cours


A#3  belongs to the cycle of art work ⇒ANIMO. It is set up in two parts :  an interactive  dance movie for VR headsets and a Dance & Music Experiment  with Mixed Reality.

The choreography adopt the behave of a living organism growing up thanks to interactions with it’s direct environement. When immerged in A#3, multi connected users interact with live size holographic dancers. Touching the holographic body they create all together the music and choreography.

Concept : Gwendaline Bachini ; Dancers : Amélie Torres Gilles Polet, Music : Michele Tadini, 3D design : Alban Barré, Unity dev : Rémi Quitard/Willy Barroy/Jano Ha;  Holographic techno : Creamove (INRIA grenoble, 4DV solution, Sip conseil) Prod LA CRI / Crossed lab ; Co prod : TELOMEDIA, I3M-Laboratory of research Special thanks to : UFR Ingémédia, University of Toulon (FR)

Kinovis 4 15
Mickaël Heudre, Matthijs Douze, Gwendaline Bachini, Gilles Polet, Amlie Torres dans KINOVIS (INRIA-Grenoble)

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