A#3- MOTU / Dance VR experience (2017-2018)

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Artistic Experience in Virtual Reality (HTC VIVE)

A#3-MOTU is an artistic VR experience in between cinema 360° and video game. It is set up for room-scale (HTC VIVE). Multi-gamers (1 to 2 persons) + 13 years old.

Gamers are invited to recompose a « choreographic puzzle ». They meet and touch live size virtuals dancers in order to find the right combination of movements that could reveal to them potentially eternal information from the « thread of life ».

This project belongs to the cycle of art works ANIMO wich focuse on « error »  in the living process and the theories of Evolution. The gamers immersed in A#3 discovers an artistic vision of « thread of life » inspired by the theory of Michel Benasayag and PH. Gouillon. The biologist and the philosopher develop the idea that «man does not evolves as he dies and that the real struggle for survival is not that of human beings because human beings do not survive.  It is informational messages from which living being are only ephemeral hosts.  The VR choreography of A#3 adopt the behave of a living organism wich is always updating itself thanks to interactions with it’s direct environement. Touching the body of the dancers, the gamers give life to them and by doing find immaterial entities or information coming from an artistic vison of thread of life.

When two real spaces are distant but connected to the VR experience, the immersed players are together on the same virtual stage.

Concept : Gwendaline Bachini ; Dancers : Amélie Torres Gilles Polet, Music : Michele Tadini, 3D design : Alban Barré, Unity dev : Rémi Quitard / Willy Barroy / Jano Ha;  Volumetric vido  Techno : CreaMove (INIRIA Grenoble, 4DV solution , SIP Conseil)
Prod (prototype) : LA CRI – Co prod : Hôtel départemental des ARTS (Toulon); IMSIC (ex I3M) Laboratory of research Partners : Crossed Lab ; Le Hublot (Nice); Scene 44 N+N corsino; CDA Enghien les Bains
Aide à la création : SCAN Auvergne Rhônes Alpes ; DRAC AU_RA
Special thanks to : Télomédia – University of Toulon (FR)
Kinovis 4 15

Mickaël Heudre, Matthijs Douze, Gwendaline Bachini, Gilles Polet, Amlie Torres dans KINOVIS (INRIA-Grenoble)

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