Toss up (animation, 1mn, 2012)


(Video; 1mn;2012 )

Synopsis : Chance time. Unknown and unpredictables phenomenons happen all within the flip of a coin. They modify the time’s progress and probably influence the outcome of the game.

Credits : New media choreographer : Gwendaline Bachini/ Performer : Ivana Jozic /Music: Bilou le Skankerfou/ Motion capture : 4D views solution/ Prod La C.R.I.

First version of TOSS UP for the Dansen dag’s competition 2012

2012 where to see it ?


. 2012 April 29th 12 : Copenhague’s Cinematek for the prize giving event of the Dansen dag festival

. 2012 untill June 4th  :  Danse Hallerne Center


. 2012 from  June 1th to Sept 1rst  : Film Festival Public Screens

2012 who writte about it ?


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