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Little feed back on the Dansathon#1 (Lyon Lièges Londres)

Mix dance and technology to imagine new forms of art, new stages, new experiences and interactions. Combine the best of two worlds to imagine the future of dance, enrich cultural life and increase social interaction. This is our aspiration with the DANSATHON.

Dance is a language which can create a shared sense of belonging, of endeavour, of experience. The Dansathon proposes to explore how this can be retained while embracing the opportunities of new technologies.

Today, dance exists in theatres, in the city, on the web. Theatres are important actors of the city and play a major role in people’s social and cultural life. In the digital era, they search for new paths to connect with their community and talk to new audience.

Mixing dance and technology, can we create new artistic forms? What kind of performance can we imagine? What kind of new experience? How can we make dance more viral and accessible?

How can digital dance cross boundaries, social, physical, cultural? How can theatres better contribute to a rich and harmonious urban life?

How can we multiply positive collective experience? What would be a digital dancing society?

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Photo Lyon / days 1_2_3 of the projet : THE LAST DANCE : Apps with augmented reality from volumetric capture of the dancer’s body.