BIFACE, dance AR (2019 – …)


Augmented reality artistic series for the next generation « mobile TV » IOS/ANDROID; 3 episodes of 2mn and web site

Biface is an Augmented Reality artistic mini-series with a social dimension shot in volumetric 3D for the next generation ‘mobile TV’ (IOS / ANDROID app) and website. The filmed dance of Biface is set in a pre-language time, when the homo sapiens sapiens followed their first intuitions. Carried much further back than at the hour of myths, religions, classics, philosophers and poets, the new media choreographer wanted to make us feel close to ‘Lucy’. The action of the users in the space allows them to take control of the unfolding of a choreography which would have thus crossed the times, a dance present as well in each one of us as in the digital doubles of dancers. By following the path indicated by the clues, they perform a kind of ritual and connect through both of a mobile, in the early ages of humanity. The films resulting from this experience can then be shared on social networks via a dedicated website or app, allowing for social AR interactions to reach the widest audience.

Theme : The BIFACE project is inspired by the theories of the evolution of life and proposes, using both sides of a mobile, an innovative perception of images of bodies, movement, dance in augmented reality.

Concept : Users equipped with tablets see the digital doubles of dancers on a human scale. Captured in volumetric video they are visible on three flat surfaces they will delimit on the ground. Each surface contains an episode of 1.5 to 2 minutes, and all three episodes can be played in the order of the viewer’s choice.
The project puts the viewers at the very source of the images: the triggering of the sequences and the speed of reading depend on their movements in space. They can pause the course of each episode if they wish or stop any episode to pay the greatest attention to the volumes of the bodies around which they can move.
Ground cues indicate the direction to follow to play the film and access the next episode.

Plateform : First BIFACE will be show case in the form of an augmented reality artistic journey as part of visual art, digital art and dance exhibitions program.
In a second time, the web platform will also be a way to distribute the application and the new episodes in augmented reality.
Anyone with the latest generation’s tablet will also be able to get them on XR platforms such as VRrOOm. The episodes will be downloadable on a website and users will also be able to share their experience around the world.

VIDEO : work in progress

PRODUCTION in progress…

Current ;

Production: La C.R.I; co-production VRrOOm
Artist: Gwendaline Bachini / Performers: Frédéric Tavernini; Gilles Polet; Amelie Torres; … 3D Graphic Designer: Jano Ha / Unity Engineer: Remi Quitard; Willy Barroy / Volumetric video capture: 4D ViewSolutions / KINOVIS – INRIA Grenoble / Creation help background : Fond Scan Region Auvergne Rhônes Alpes.