A#4 – BIFACE, dance AR (2019 – …)

Augmented reality artistic movies for the next generation « mobile TV » IOS/ANDROID; 3 episodes of 2mn and web site

The BIFACE project is the last part of cycle of art work called ANIMO. This cycle is inspired by the theories of the evolution of life and proposes, using both sides of a mobile, an innovative perception of images of bodies (live size), movement, dance in augmented reality.


Users equipped with tablets see the digital doubles of dancers on human scale. Captured in volumetric video they appears on flat surfaces. The first episode ( 2 minutes) allow the visitors to finish the experience of A#3 MOTU(VR) in augmented reality.


Concept & Realization : Gwendaline Bachini / Unity coders : Rémi Quitar, Willy Barroy / Dancers : Gilles Polet Amélie Torres / Music : Michele Tadini / Volumetric capture : Kinovis INRIA Grenoble – 4D View Solutions / Production LaCRI Partners : VRROM / Fundings : SCAN Auvergne-Rhône Alpes DRAC Auvergne-Rhône Alpes

Prize & Art Exhibitions

The first episode of BIFACE won the AWARD OF THE BEST AR CONTENT 2019 at Steropsia (dec 19 Brussels)


ZED FESTIVAL (11 au 14 octobre 2020) al mercato sonato (Bologne Italie)

FESTIVAL ON (Octobre Numérique) (Arles France)
Exhibition for RAZEL BEC event at « La Plateforme » barge ( Lyon France)
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